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A Master of Business Administration in Bangladesh is a graduate discipline that includes theoretical and practical business or investment management training. A Master of business administration degree will help the graduates better understand general business management functions. The University of Scholars in Bangladesh offers a Master of Business Administration degree that generally focuses on fields such as accounting, finance, marketing, and relationship management.

Goals and Purposes:

The rapid growth of private and government banks and corporate farms in Bangladesh makes students focus their careers in corporate areas, which makes a Master of Business Administration a popular discipline in Bangladesh to have a degree in that. The demand is increasing daily, not only in Bangladesh but also in the world. A Master of Business administration degree can open a wide area of a career in any field for a degree bearer at home and abroad. Focusing on the demand and making the future leaders of Bangladesh, the University of Scholars has designed a well-structured Master of Business Administration degree with an attractive educational atmosphere and highly qualified Professors to teach the students all the single details of spreading their magic after completing their Master of Business Administration and make Bangladesh proud at the time successful. 

Program Summary:

The Master of Business Administration at the University of Scholars in Bangladesh is a full-time evening program as the working students can also attend the class after their office. Students are required to complete 67 credits of core courses, elective courses for major subjects to focus and an internship project. Students with 4-year BBA certificates may get a credit transfer or waiver of 24 credits depending upon grades. Students from another discipline can also apply for credit transfer or a waiver depending on their previous study area. This two-year full-time Master in Business Administration program has been structured into five regular semesters where students can take courses consisting of 12 credits each semester. After completing the course work, students must undertake a twelve-week internship assignment or project work to apply their understanding practically. After finishing the organizational attachment, students should prepare reports on their internship journey learning that will be presented through a formal presentation. The program duration in the evening depends upon the enrolment of courses a student takes per semester.